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in the beginning - thoughts of a lurker — LiveJournal
in the beginning

so, i've found this thing. i guess that means i should start keeping stuff on here. so, thoughts, memories, important realizations, poems (when they're complete), random writings, they'll all go here eventually.

it's a slow day, i'm wishing for more snow, it's been a cold dry winter. kind of aggravating actually. skipped work last night because i wasn't feeling well. still got a slight headache, but that may be because i've been staring at this screen for the last four hours or so. not that i've actually gotten anything useful done, but i've been catching up with zaph. i haven't been on icq in ages, but it was nice to find that other people still exist out there.
time to get ready for dinner. i'll probably write more when i get to work. as long as it's not too busy.

i feel: tired tired

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