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so, i figured i should join in the ridicule - thoughts of a lurker
so, i figured i should join in the ridicule

Profile for lurker

Personality type: Unlovable, uncommunicative, stupid, bossy, egomaniac, fuckwit.

No matter what you do, no one likes you and no one even notices you exist. You very rarely, if ever, have meaningful relationships of any kind with anything other than your own anatomy.

You find it impossible to express your true feelings or emotions. Your friends (if you have any) think you are a liar, an unfeeling bitch/bastard or retarded. Probably all three.

You are basically thick. If you think back, you will realize this is true. Most people you meet are smarter than you. This is because you are stupid. Ask a friend to explain this to you if some of the words are too long.

You are constantly telling people what to do. This is because you are basically incompetent and lazy. People make voodoo dolls of you and put them through paper shredders.

You have a bloated self image. Somehow you think you are more than the web surfing loser the rest of the world sees you as.

Your rating as a human being:

The person/character whom you most resemble is:
Garth Brookes (country "musician")

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