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three hours and counting - thoughts of a lurker
three hours and counting

so, my weekend is "rapidly" approching. and now i need to begin my packing. i'm also thinking i may spend some time converting some of the random images i have collected into LJ icons. that's one of those projects that i've been telling myself i'm going to do rsn.

well, the dsl and cable have been ordered. the phone is working, we've got the truck lined up. things seem to be progressing pretty well. hopefully there won't be any problems whith the actually move. it's only a week and a half away at this point. wow, i haven't moved in six years. i've helped people move, but it's completely different moving yourself.

i need to get my boxes in order. sometime in the next week i need to get the box for my computer back from techstep. thankfully i get paid next week and can pay rent. this will definately be an interesting three weeks. =)

i feel: working working
i hear: Himekami - Journey to Zipangu

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techstep From: techstep Date: April 4th, 2002 06:13 am (UTC) (bookmark)
There are a lot of CDs piled on top of this box. I'll get them cleared off in the next day or so, once I find some room that minimizes crushability.
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