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updates, need to make more updates - thoughts of a lurker
updates, need to make more updates

so, work has been eating up my time at ... well ... work. it's been pretty busy this week. even though i didn't go in on sunday night 'cause it was my birthday. got some cool booty, spent some time with people i don't get to see a whole lot of these days. so all in all it was worth it.

now, once i'm done with moving expenses, i can pick up the farscape dvds. =) but for now, i'm concentrating on moving. wheeeeeee. so, today i'm going to stay up as long as i can (hopefully until after dark) and get most of the rest of my packing done.

saturday is the big day, so i need to get cracking. not really much time these days for thoughts of other stuff. it will be nice once everything is moved and unpacked. but until then, there's just a bit more stress in my life.

at least it's keeping me from thinking about any of the other stress. =)

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