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carnival and more - thoughts of a lurker
carnival and more

so, carnival happened, i stopped by the aphio booth and looked at midway. it was cool, but i've never been too interested to begin with. (please don't kill me for saying so.) went to ann and don's party, that was fun.

we discovered that we had 9 members of the lewendowski pledge class (fall '94) and will frank (our pledgemaster). and for once will wasn't totally adverse to the idea of painting him blue. so we did. =) there are pictures and video out there somewhere, i'll eventually get my hands on some.

the party was much more hedonistic than in the past, i'm not sure this was a bad thing though. i know a lot of the people involved needed to let off some steam and just relax. and so it was all good.

the house is still a massive unpacking job. eventually things will sort out and all will be good... i hope.

currently work is being kinda dull. lots of stupid users and a huge busywork job. but i'm currently suffering a lack of energy and the inability to concentrate on anything. i hate these spells of ADD, they're usually followed by massive depression. *shrug* we'll see how my week progresses.

i feel: drained drained

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