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time to think - thoughts of a lurker
time to think

i hate working alone. i mean, it's nice sometimes, but it can be really annoying when my co-workers go home early for whatever reason and i'm stuck here alone. right now i'm looking at the clock and realizing that i've got about 5 1/2 to 6 hours of sitting here waiting for the phone to ring and checking email ... and only my CDs and the web to keep me company. at least i've got the web.

maybe that has something to do with my weird detachment ... the fact that i spend so much of my time awake with nobody around.

hm, i think i think too much. =) i am reminded of an old quote, i think it's still in my plan file somewhere ...

i think, therefore i am;
i think i think, therefore i think i am?
i think i think i think? therefore i think i think i am?
i think i think too much.

it's silly, i know. but it's what i come up with when i sit here for hours waiting for the next stupid user, who doesn't know how to use his computer, to call in and ask me to help him. i'll be lucky if he actually listens to my directions so that he doesn't have to call in again an hour later.

i blame the telephone for my detachment ... yeah, that's it! =) the telephone. i tend to prefer email anyway. y'know, i should stop before i get too silly.

i feel: blank blank
i hear: Robert Miles - DreamLand

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techstep From: techstep Date: January 23rd, 2002 07:41 am (UTC) (bookmark)
hey. :)

fancy seeing you here.

welcome to livejournal. *grin*
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