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LJ anniversary - thoughts of a lurker
LJ anniversary

so, i was playing with styles tonight, finishing stuff off, smoothing the edges, that sort of stuff. and i realized something ...

tonight i have been on LJ for a full year.

thinking about it, the last year seems to have gone by incredibly quickly. i finally got a computer, moved, got a girlfriend, got a paid account, moved to daylight, and back to nights. hopefully 2003 will have just as many good moments (if not more) and fewer bad ones.

i have to admit, i have not been depressed as much as i used to be. although i've noticed that my stress levels seem to be increasing. i'd like to thank zaph for getting me on LJ. this has been a great experience and i hope to continue it for a long time.

i feel: cold cold
i hear: Robert Miles - Dreamland

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