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and here i was thinking it was taken care of - thoughts of a lurker
and here i was thinking it was taken care of

so, i discovered this morning, as i was leaving work, that my mother is an even bigger bitch than i thought she was. turns out that she hasn't been paying back my student loans like i thought she was. (she said she had been last i talked to her) she never even told me that they had tried to notify me that my deferment had ended. i'd told her to send me the info so i could change my contact info with them. so my address wasn't the one in cali, but the one here. stuff like that. so, she's probably been collecting the letters in a pile to either give to me when i go home again, or mail in one huge chunk. unfortunately, PHEAA has gotten pissed and when my taxes went out, they sent a letter to my work asking to garnish my wages.


so, until that $5400 is paid off, i'm going to be loosing a chunk out of my paycheck. i mean, if i'd known that i needed to pay, i'd do it gladly. but because my mother is a bitch, i didn't even get the option. the big problem is that i can't even contact PHEAA about it because the only info i have about my loans is in cali with my mother. =(

i am not a happy camper.

i feel: aggravated aggravated
i hear: Rand & Robyn Miller - Myst Soundtrack

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