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a sign of the times? - thoughts of a lurker
a sign of the times?

so, should it worry me that customers_suck has gotten 10 posts in the last 12 hours? should it say something about american consumers? or retail workers? i've watched (and really enjoy) clerks. and while the titular characters are kinda whiny and rude, the customers are worse.
maybe it does say something. i know i work in tech support which is almost retail. and we do get some real nightmare stories. it's pretty fare to say that the nightmares are more memorable, but the big question is ... has the ratio of nightmares to good customers gotten bigger over the past couple of years, even the last decade?

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wanderingpixie From: wanderingpixie Date: February 7th, 2003 01:54 pm (UTC) (bookmark)
should it say something about american consumers? or retail workers?

Probably both. Some customers think that people in retail don't deserve any personal respect, while some of those doing retail think that customers shouldn't pester them with those annoying questions. In general, I think we're just becoming a more selfish society, which increases the numbers of both of those.

Personally, I'm just waiting to see what happens when something finally gives ^_^
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