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rational people ... supply shortage? - thoughts of a lurker
rational people ... supply shortage?

warning, this may turn into something of a rant...
Edit: oh, it so did ...

so, for those of you who have been so buried in work, or who haven't bothered to look out a window or at a news report, pgh got snow. a lot of snow. (but only for pgh, DC got light 3 ft.) i noticed something during my trek to work for the past two days.

college students are stupid.

so, i'm walking through snow up to my knees (higher in some places). and i'm watching these college age chicks in stretch bell-bottom slacks and high-heels/platforms try to negotiate the snow without getting too much white on their nice black clothes.

so, what i guess i'm asking is "when did humanity decide that fashion was more important than common sense?" is this something i need to be worried about in myself? it's not really limited to college students, they're just the majority, i spotted older (probably 40's) women in similar outfits trying not to get the road sludge on their shoes. is there some reason why appearence/presentation have become more important than quality? it seems to be predominantly females, but not always. is it societal? i've seen more asians (of both gender) in unsuited outfits recently. why would anyone wear boots with smooth flat soles and a shirt that barely covers your navel and then complain that you're cold and keep slipping on the snow? i've seen/heard this behaviour more and more lately.

why has common sense/rational thinking become such a lost commodity? is it parents who let TV teach their children? is it TV and the media? is it the images they see of POP stars? if so, why don't they realize that these people are living in Los-Frelling-Angeles where a rainy day of 60 degrees is a rough winter? what is it with teen-agers/twenty-somethings? were we that bad at that age? are we still that bad? when did common sense get so uncommon? when did street-smart become not-so-smart?

too many questions, not enough answers and all i've done is rant. someday maybe i'll actually find an answer.

other than trying to figure out why people are stupid about it, i've been really enjoying the snow. =)

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wanderingpixie From: wanderingpixie Date: February 18th, 2003 12:06 pm (UTC) (bookmark)
"when did humanity decide that fashion was more important than common sense?"

It'd be cynical to suggest that it was around the time that someone decided that a magazine names "Sports Illustrated" needed a swimsuit issue (specifically, one that doesn't focus on sport suits), wouldn't it?

Seriously? A long time ago.

I don't honestly know how many centuries they been binding the feet of Chinese girls and women, but (iirc) it was decided that having women with small feet who couldn't move very fast was preferrable to what they had. In many instances, eventually the women could barely walk. Closer to home, the most blatent instance I can think of is the corsets from Elizabethan times. Those things actually caused womens' internal organs to get moved around (in the extreme circumstances)! Currently, women of all ages get silicone implants that they *know* can cause damage if they break after implantation.

In a general, societal sense, how women look has almost always been more important than what they think and how they act. The same can be true for guys, but I'd say probably not as often. Whether or not it's worse now than it was when we were in college... That I don't know.
wanderingpixie From: wanderingpixie Date: February 18th, 2003 01:17 pm (UTC) (bookmark)
In a general, societal sense, how women look has almost always been more important than what they think and how they act.

Just to clarify, I don't mean to imply that this is completely due to guys. We do it to ourselves and each other, too.
blk From: blk Date: March 7th, 2003 09:06 am (UTC) (bookmark)
... corsets from Elizabethan times. Those things actually caused womens' internal organs to get moved around (in the extreme circumstances)!

I'm a little late responding here, but I wanted to point out some of what I feel is inaccurate hype. Proper corsetry is restrictive, but not unhealthy or dangerous. Sure, tightlacing does move organs around, but then again, so does walking, sitting, and stretching. The most extremely tightened corset does not move things out of place more than late-term pregnancy does (and from experience with both, I'll tell you that the 9th month is MUCH more uncomfortable).

A tight corset will eventually change the shape of the ribcage, but that is still not dangerous (or even painful) as long as it is done gradually and carefully.

zagthaar From: zagthaar Date: February 18th, 2003 03:05 pm (UTC) (bookmark)
Having never subscribed to the "fashion over function" school, I don't get it either. Yes, I get dressed up and wear less-than-sensible shoes to go out to dinner on special occasions; but I also know, in those cases, that I'm not going to be slogging through knee-deep snow unless something goes drastically wrong with the HVAC system {g}

The reverse phenomenon, incidentally, is seen on college campuses in Florida: 98 degrees Farenheit with 110% relative humidty, and the little hootchie-mamas are strolling across the sun-parched remnants of the lawn in black vinyl bell-bottoms and skin-tight turtlenecks. The really impressive thing is that they don't appear to sweat, which just lends greater strength to my theory that they're actually femme-bots created as part of a diabolical scheme to drive all intelligent people crazy, thereby making it easier to take over the world.

As far as the death of common sense and rational thinking, particularly where it applies to being able to dress oneself to avoid frostbite instead of looking like a $20 hooker, I have to admit that I blame absentee parents. The little darlings would have significantly less opportunity to let the media do their thinking for them if their parents (assuming that said parents are not of the same Jerry Springer-watching ilk) would take a sufficiently active role in their rearing to once in a while bellow "YOU'RE NOT LEAVING THIS HOUSE LOOKING LIKE THAT, MISSY!" (as my parents occasionally did to me. I think it was the dog collar that did it {g})

(A significant portion of this post is due to my sarcasm generator, which seems to be stuck on "high" at the moment. I mean it about parents taking more responsibility to actually rear their children instead of letting the TV and other media do it for them, though.)
ka3ytl From: ka3ytl Date: February 18th, 2003 06:42 pm (UTC) (bookmark)
Some of it to some degree could be that they don't have more appropriate attire. I sort of had that problem with shoes. I have my hiking boots which aren't all that waterproof. I have my "mining boots" which are waterproof to some degree I believe (but are currently somewhere) and then I have shoes that are not appropriate.

I wore the hiking boots out, but they got pretty wet. I still haven't found the "mining boots". Luckily, I ended up at my parents and my mom gave me a pair of her black winter boots.

*shrug* I just never really thought about it since I generally don't need them.
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