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a sky obscured by clouds - thoughts of a lurker
a sky obscured by clouds

home again. i hate PAT busses. it's later than i would like to be getting home, but that's because the 61C never runs on schedule heading against rush hour.

so, work was a pain. mass quantities of invoices to be folded, stuffed, sealed, and posted. took me about six hours to do it all. now i need to call PHEAA and see if i can salvage my credit rating and perhaps try to contact my mother and see if she has an excuse this time. =(

soon, soon it will be time for bed. past my bedtime already, but there's stuff i need to do while the rest of the world is awake. time to make phone calls. if i'm still awake enough when i'm done, i'll probably update.

i feel: drained drained

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