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hmm, things past and things to come - thoughts of a lurker
hmm, things past and things to come

so, things went ok this morning. took longer than i'd like, but what the heck, at least i woke up in time to be at some of dance. PHEAA is going to see what they can do. now i wait. my mother, on the other hand, hasn't gotten back to me yet. grrr

wendy's was cool. zendo was a stumper this week, i think it's time to see what a simple rule would do these days. *shrug* tomorrow looks like it'll be interesting. probably going to be seeing fellowship of the ring again. that'll be cool. mikoy is studying gaming books for the next two days to see about running a one shot on Saturday. hopefully all will go well. it could be interesting.

i feel: contemplative contemplative
i hear: James Burke - Connections

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