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tax returns are good things - thoughts of a lurker
tax returns are good things

so, i went and spent a large chunk of my tax return. my spoils should arrive Thursday or Friday. and then ... then i will actually own my own computer. for the first time since my mother bought me that mac classic back in '91 or '92. now i just have to sit and wait. that's the hard part.


monthly staff meeting Friday, that means i'll have to wake up early. this comes to mind because i'm currently tired. for some reason i couldn't sleep more than six hours today. just couldn't go back to sleep as much as i tried. i just wasn't tired.
this normally wouldn't be too bad, but it means that by the time i go home from work, i'll be so exhausted. *sigh* gonna sleep well today. hopefully the caffeine and the constant checking of the fedex website will keep me awake until i get to go home.

i feel: impatient
i hear: Lost in Space Soundrack

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