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-new job (or what do i do with these bus passes?)- - thoughts of a lurker
-new job (or what do i do with these bus passes?)-

so, i have the new job at pitt. i got my ID last night. now i have a december bus pass i don't need and a november bus pass that i don't need and will be valid for another week or so. i'm looking to sell the december bus pass, if i don't hear anything here by this weekend, i'll probably post to craigslist or something.

the story:

while i was working for the county, i got a monthly bus pass taken out of my pay pre-tax. unfortunately, this meant that it had to come out several weeks before i received my pass (first pay period of the previous month). so, this means that my bus pass was paid for on november 14th. i put in my two week notice on the 17th. i would have had to request removal from the bus pass program before october 20th. in order to not have it taken from my paycheck. so, now i have this december bus pass i don't need.

the offer:

so, normally, PAT bus passes cost $60.00. since i had it taken out pre-tax, i technically paid a little less. i'm willing to sell it for around $50.00. if you are interested, please comment on this post. thank you.

edit 11-27-2006: bus pass put up on craigslist: http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/for/240443226.html
edit 11-27-2006: bus pass sold.

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