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still waiting - thoughts of a lurker
still waiting

so, fedex either hasn't updated their tracking site, or my hardware has been sitting in indianapolis for the last fourteen hours. *sigh* hopefully it will arrive today. according to fedex's website, their delivery time for 2nd day to residences is 7pm. so i'll probably be able to get a decent amount of sleep and still be able to sign for it. (if it arrives on time, cross-fingers.)

as for the rest of my life ... i've actually started to realize that it's kind of stagnant and dull. i don't really do anything outside of work. i've got my "weekly" gaming, occasional SCA stuff, and some regular TV that i watch, but i don't really go out much. no nightclubs, no bar-hopping, no parties. maybe i'm just too much of a wall-flower. *shrug* and i don't mean to say that my life is bad because i don't do this stuff, but it just feels as if there was something missing. maybe all i need is some romance. maybe i need to go out bar-hopping with my co-workers or something. maybe the latter will lead to the former. *shrug*
this probably has something to do with my feelings of detachment. one of these days i'll figure out my life and be able to be satisfied with it. *shrug* but not today.

i feel: anxious anxious
i hear: Dave Brubeck - Time Out

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