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- and going, and going - - thoughts of a lurker
- and going, and going -

so, some of you out there may have heard this already. for those of you who read my lj and follow the Wheel of Time series and haven't heard yet, the final book has been declared too long and the publisher will be splitting it into a trilogy.

the official press release and the author's comments on his blog are available to help explain why.

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cinnion From: cinnion Date: April 7th, 2009 03:33 pm (UTC) (bookmark)
I am glad we will be seeing the story be wrapped up. And given how even Jordan himself kept having the stories get longer and longer, or covering less in the same sized book, I am not surprised that a new author is coming up with 3x the words. Especially given how much was to be wrapped up in the "last book".
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