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more of the past ... more of the present - thoughts of a lurker
more of the past ... more of the present

so, i've actually been thinking a lot recently. anybody who knows me, knows that this can be a bad thing. i'm realizing that i need to broaden my social circle. not that there's a problem with the people i hang out with, but, to be blunt, there aren't enough cute single women in it.

yes, this is probably going to be a rant about being single and lonely, most of my friends have heard it before (having been single for over four years now). i've realized that part of the reason it's been so long is because there are so few women in my circle of friends who are compatible, and of those, the number who are single is even smaller (like ... low single digits). when you eliminate the people who aren't interested, it leaves none (or a negative number depending on how depressed i am =) ).

so, perhaps tonight trip down memory lane is more appropriate than i thought. *shrug* this one is from high-school, but was pretty valid freshman year of college as well.

for mikoy feel free to change the pronouns, if it will help.

Alone by lurker

I am alone, in my mind. I speak to her, but she feels, alone.

She cannot love me, like I love her. She has tried, but cannot succeed. Why?

Life is hard, but hope is strong. I hope she knows, what she does to me. Why she cries, when I can't see.

Why is she blind to my heart? What must I do, to show her I am here?

She cannot see, what it does, to me. Why can't she see?

copyright 1994

i feel: melancholy melancholy
i hear: Pink Floyd - Pulse

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techstep From: techstep Date: February 4th, 2002 09:32 pm (UTC) (bookmark)
If you figure out ways of doing that, let me know. Despite the fact that we're in almost mutually exclusive social groups, there are still a good number of lessons to be learned. :)
demonlurking From: demonlurking Date: February 4th, 2002 10:26 pm (UTC) (bookmark)
well, to start with, i'm thinking of going to this weeks geek night. if you'd like to go, let me know, i'll see if i can round up some rides or something.
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