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*sigh* - thoughts of a lurker

so, i'm being depressed tonight. maybe it's the music ... Lisa Loeb, Devlins, Mary Capin-Carpenter. *shrug* although it's just as likely that my mood is affecting the choice in music. =)

i'm in one of those moods where all i want to do is curl up and veg. let my brain turn off. currently i have no attention span. i'm jumping from task to task and eventually I'll finish something. ugh.

i hate this mood. i don't want to be here, maybe if i was home i'd be asleep. or at least resting. *shrug* or i'd been watching tv and messing with legos and maybe something else. argh. i wish i knew where this mood came from. it's not like it's something going on around me. nothings different from yesterday, and i was in a decent mood last night. actually getting stuff done and stuff. *shrug*

maybe it has something to do with the moon, but i'm not sure what, the new moon isn't until next week. *sigh* if i didn't have to be at work, i'd so be curled up either in front of the tv or in my bed, trying to pretend the world didn't exist. but i can't leave 'cause i'm the only person here (or at least i will be shortly).

i think i agree with mikoy, a mental health day would be kinda useful. but once again, i don't really get paid for days off. ugh

i guess i'll see if i can talk carl into sticking around an extra four hours. i'm not exactly going to be very useful until 8am. =( *sigh*

no luck with carl. i'm here until 8:00. =( well, i guess we'll see what happens.

i feel: depressed depressed
i hear: The Devlins - Drift

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