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need more time - thoughts of a lurker
need more time

so, i just had to retype this because LJ was having a server issue and lost it. grr

i need more time to be able to update my LJ, it's been a busy weekend.

friday was the cut once farewell concert. like just about everyone else said, the opening bands sucked, but cut once rocked.

saturday was gaming. our d&d campaign with mikoy, bn29, wanderingpixie, falcore, norm, and trevor. (really need to see about getting them LJ accounts. ;-) heh) we made it to the city, but didn't get the plot info we were expecting. but we did get to purchase new gear and reload on ammo. it's kind of interesting, i'm playing a 1st level multi-class rogue/ranger. until now, he's been mostly rogue (hasn't had all of his ranger skills and abilities). now that he's leveled and finally gotten all the ranger stuff, we've left the forest and started doing stuff in the city where his rogue abilities are more useful. =)

sunday i went to look at an apartment. it was a total bust. i'm beginning to think that i would be best off just staying here at HOE. it would be nice to live with someone new, but rent is a pretty big issue. i'm probably not going to move out unless the new place really is cheaper to live in without sacrificing a lot of creature comforts. (need my broadband dsl.)

today was monday. i wound up over at trev's working on a gurps character. mikoy is working on a new "secondary" campaign for when trev is brainfried or there's people missing. the basic concept is to take a character you liked playing in a previous campaign and import them into gurps. then the worldjumping fun begins. so, i figured i'd bring in my favorite vampire character. we picked up the gurps:vampire book and started the conversion. she was hoping for 200-250 point characters, after conversion, my vampire was about 450 points. so it's time for her to boost the other characters and for me to find some more disadvantages.

then came work. it wasn't too bad, pretty quiet, not a lot of calls. but now the paper folder is broken, so once again, i'm folding invoices by hand. this time it's just time consuming and not painful. i guess i've learned the proper technique. =) hopefully this will post this time since it took a half an hour to retype it all. soon i will get to go home and sleep. not the sleep of the just, but just sleep.

i feel: frustrated frustrated
i hear: Pink Floyd - Division Bell

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